Born In 1958, Works and lives in Shanghai
CHEN Yanyin
1963 - Father and Mother
Left 40x65x30cm; Right 50x75x30cm;
code: CYY_5119

Current And Upcoming Exhibitions:
Then, White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale, Australia, 09.11, 2019 - 01.26, 2020
Chen Yanyin graduated from the Sculpture Department of the China National Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. In the following years she participated frequently in avant-garde and woman art exhibitions in Shanghai and around the world. Chen Yanyin created many of the prominent sculptures on Shanghai’s streets and places. In 2008, Chen Yanyin’s received the “China Sculpture Grand Prize” for her work “My Mother 1956, 1963, 1998”. Recently some of Chen Yanyins works have been shown at Myth/History in Shanghai's YUZ museum..