Born In 1962, Works and lives in Shanghai

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Other Publications
Above Sea/Contemporary Art, Urban Culture,And the Fashioning of Global Shanghai
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The Challenge of Infinite—Yves Klein,Lee Ufan,Ding Yi (handbook)
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2013 Art Changsha Ding Yi
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dsl collection: e-book & Virtual Museum
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dsl collection
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Tao of Nature
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From Hero Lauds to the Earthly World
YI Ying
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Hopeland: Artist's Will
/The Phoenix Valley
Chinese Renmin University Press
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New Boundaries
Taikang Top Space, Beijing, China
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Michel Nuridsany
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Fuck Off
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90's Art China
LU Peng
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Shanghai 2000
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Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
Chinese-art .com Volume 2 Issue 2
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Approaching Lands
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Novo Nordisk China
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John Clark/Hans Van Dijk
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Every Day: 11th Biennale of Sydney
Jonathan Watkins /Jo Spark
the Biennale of Sydney Ltd.
Mondrian in China: A documentary Exhibition with Chinese Originals
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Quotation Marks: Chinese Contemporary Paintings
Johnson Tsongzung CHANG ect.
The Singapore Art Museum
In Between Limits
FEI Dawei
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Platform 1: 70 Youny Modern Artists from Asia and Latin America
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Originality Gather
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
A Point of Contact. Korean Chinese Japanese Contemporary Art
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Taegu Art/Culture Hall
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China! Zeitgenossische Malerei
Dieter Ronte/Walter Smerling/Evelyn Weiss
Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany
Shanghai Fax: Let's Talk about Money
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Hua Shan Fine Arts College, Shanghai
Reality: Present and Future
Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace
Year Record of Chinese Art Colletion
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History of Chinese Oil Painting: From Realism to Post-Modernism
James CAHILL etc.
Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Chinese oil painting
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Hanart TZ Gallery
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