Born In 1988, Works and lives in Hangzhou
Upstair Neighbor
Audio installation
code: GX_4200

Guo Xi

Guo Xi was born in Yancheng in 1988. After graduation from New Media Art Department of CAA in Hangzhou in 2010, Guo Xi joined a two-year residency program at the Rijksakademie in Netherlands. In 2015, he got from MFA degree in Studio Art from NYU.

Guo Xi likens an artist’ s work to an act of “piercing”, making little pores on the hard husk of ideologies, through which people will be given a chance to glance at the Truth hidden within. In his view, the visual form is a medium for the transmission of message, and that justifies his extensive use of a variety of artistic forms, such as installation, painting, performance, sculpture, text, et cetera, to try to convey his messages as faithfully as possible.