Born In 1983, Works and lives in Singapore

My Surroundings Are Your Reality , Feng Boyi , 2019
The Nature Museum - Robert Zhao Renhui: Nature invades Patisia - A special Museum of Nature stands in an old Athenian residence in Victory Square , 2018
The Nature Museum - The Institute of Critical Zoologists , Marcus Yee , 2018
Singapore artist Robert Zhao named finalist for Hugo Boss Asia Art Award 2017 , 2017
The Bizzare Honour , Marybeth Stock , 2017
Glass rotunda at National Museum reopens after 2-year hiatus - Walk through a lush, virtual rainforest from the past and learn stories behind Singapore's old trees at the new National Museum rotunda , Olivia Ho , 2016
A Guide to Tree Planting , Robert Zhao Renhui , 2016
The Origin of Invented Species , Sylvia Tsai , 2014
Artist Spotlight: Robert Zhao Renhui & His RoboRoach - The Singaporean artist and 'critical zoologist' shares his passion for nature , Pauline Mae De Leon , 2017
Singapore 1925–2025 - Photos by Robert Zhao Renhui , 2017
Inside the Curious World of Robert Zhao Renhui , Melissa Gail Sing , 2016
Conversation with Robert Zhao Renhui , Yanda , 2013
Art Work:
A Beautiful, Terrifying Guide To The World’s Man-Made Plants And Animals - These photographs of mutated animals are a striking look at man’s relationship with nature. , Katharine Schwab , 2017
Robert Zhao Renhui: A guide to the flora and fauna of the world - The Singaporean artist has created an alternative encyclopaedia of genetically modified species of animals and plants , 2015
SeptFest 2015: Robert Zhao takes on The Substation’s famous banyan tree , Mayo Martin , 2015
9th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art presents a rich, nuanced portrait of a complex region , Dee Jefferson , 2018
War on feral cats: Singaporean artist tackles Christmas Island’s ecological dilemma , Mayo Martin , 2017
Natural selection - Singaporean artist uses animal traps to explore relationship of humans and nature , Yang Fan , 2015