Born In 1980, Works and lives in Shanghai
LED screen, receiver card, sender card, video collage maker, computer, servo motor, servo driver, reduction drive, cable carrier, PLC controller, PLC data cable, CAT-6 networking cable, power cord, aluminum-alloy slide rail, rack, sliding block, distribution box, steel plate, steel tube, galvanized tube, fluorocarbon paint, quadraphony
Mechanical Video Installation
Edition of 2
code: ZD_8343

Born in 1980 in Gansu, China, lives and works in Shanghai.

Zhang Ding's practice is mainly presented through his solo projects, including videos, installations, paintings and live performances,etc. Starting from Tools (2007), constructing absurd scenes full of contrasts and conflicts that focus on sensory perception and will power became his way of demonstrating and interpreting metaphors of societal references, which may also be seen as a series of deconstructed mise en scenes. The scenic displacement created a psychic displacement whereby we were confronted with our imperfect senses, our ‘fallible omniscience’. In Opening (2011), live performance was brought into his project for the first time, and remained present all the way to Orbit of Rock (2014). In these projects, chemical interaction generated by all the in-between stimulation transformed the sites into environmental sculpture of twisting emotion and atmosphere. In his latest project Enter the Dragon (2015) at ICA London, Zhang Ding experimented further and explored more possibilities in his work by opening up the sole artistic authorship to the public – twenty six musicians of various genres and styles were invited to collaborate at the specific site by making improvisation with each other.

Recent projects and exhibitions include: Yinchuan Biennale—For an Image, Faster Than Light, MOCA Yinchuan, Yinchuan (2016); ZHANG Ding: Devouring Time, RAM HIGHLIGHT 2016, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai (2016); ZHANG Ding: Enter the Dragon, ICA London, UK (2015); ZHANG Ding: Orbit of Rock, ShanghART, Beijing (2014); Orbit: ZHANG Ding Solo Project, The Armory Show, Focus Section, New York, U.S.A. (2014); Gold & Silver, ZHANG Ding Solo Exhibition, Galerie Krinzinger, Wien, Austria (2013); Meanwhile… Suddenly, and Then, the Biennale of Lyon, Lyon, France (2013); Perspectives 180 - Unfinished Country: New Video from China, The Contemporary Art Museum in Houston, U.S.A. (2012) etc.