Born In 1977
886 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, United States
370*380*380cm 21 minutes 20 seconds
Installation | Video | Single-channel video
Surveillance video, iron, projection screen, projector
Edition of 1
code: ZQ_1908

Born in 1977, ZHANG Qing is one of the prominent Shanghai experimental artists, now he works and lives in Shanghai. Early stage engaged with performance art of absurdity and humorous violence, then evolved into a sophisticated interpretation of video and installation, his work articulates the blurred boundary and route between reality and fiction, absurdity and reasonableness. Quoted from Harald Szeemann, “Vehicles bordering on the absurd – that is the strength of Zhang Qing. At the same time he is concerned with defaulting perception by way of exaggeration.” Since 2006, ZHANG Qing has deployed the perspective of surveillance as his artistic language until now through the study of video, installation and mixed media. He manoeuvres these differentiated medium, techniques and rendering methods for his individualistic art perception and contemplation.

Important exhibitions include: Power Forward-VisArts Emerging Curator Program, Kaplan Gallery, USA (2018); Energy Field-Transmedia ART Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (2017); ZHANG Qing Solo Exhibition: Boundary, ShanghART Gallery and H-Space, Shanghai; Archive 44: Zhang Qing, Video Bureau, Beijing / Guangzhou (2015); Move on Asia, Video art in Asia 2002-2012, ZKM Media Museum, Germany (2013); China Onscreen Biennial, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., USA (2012); Abandon Normal Devices Festival 2011, FACT, Liverpool, U.K. (2011); cctv - ZHANG Qing Solo Exhibition, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai (2011); Room without a View, Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany (2010); Don't Go So Fast, Zhang Qing Solo Exhibition, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing (2009); Trans Local Motion - 7th Shanghai Biennale in 2008, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (2008) etc, in the year 2004, he won a nomination of CCAA.