Restless: Photography and New Media

Type: Exhibition Catalogue Restless: Photography and New Media
Editor: LIAO Ella/LIN Lu/Wendy TEO
Languages: Chinese English
Number Of Copies: 1
Publisher: MOCA Shanghai
Publish Date: 2006
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 0
This is the catalogue of Restless: Photography and New Media, a joint exhibition of young artists, whose works examine the relationship between the city and its people. Samuel Kung, Director of the Museum of Contemoprary Art, Shanghai wrote about the theme of the show, '"Restless" can be understood as an anxiety, a sense of loss or imbalance, like the suspension of panic that one feels when moving a chess piece... The exhibition Restless: Photography and New Media records this kind of vague yet real expression; it dissects the ordinary content of our lives and revives it in front of us; it forces us to rethink our familiarity and to restlesly look closer at our nearly numb interiority.' Other participating artists include Juliane Stiegele and Sharon Paz.
Artists: SONG Tao | LIANG Yue | XIANG Liqing | XU Zhen | ZHANG Ding | HUANG Kui | CHEN Wei |
Exhibitions: 945.Restless |