Poetic Realism: A Rinterpretation of Jiangnan

Type: Exhibition Catalogue Poetic Realism: A Rinterpretation of Jiangnan
Editor: SUN Jianchun/ZUO Jing
Languages: Chinese English
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Publisher: RCM Art Museum, Nanjing
Publish Date: 2006
Gallery Collection: No
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"Jiangnan" always evokes not only an association with the areas lying south of the Yangtze River, but also a multitude of descriptions in ancient literary works, which gives the word a rich denotation beyond a mere geographic reality. It is the representation of the beautiful spiritual world of traditional Chinese literati, a Utopia bringing peace to the soul, with a tint of melancholy and sorrow. The present exhibition is an attempt to determine how the aesthetic nature of Jiangnan is developing in the visual arts, and where the poetic-cultural traditions intersect with the sociogeographic reality of Jiangnan. A brief history of RCM Art Museum is provided in the catalogue.
Artists: LIANG Shaoji | CHEN Yanyin | TANG Guo | CHEN Wei | CHEN Xiaoyun |