New Photography in China

Type: Books New Photography in China
Editor: John Millichap
Languages: Chinese English
Number Of Copies: 1
ISBN: 988-99384-0-5 9789889938406
Publisher: 3030 press
Publish Date: 2006
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 188
This book is a survey of works by thirty Chinese photographers under the age of thirty. From international artists and photo journalists to video makers and web bloggers, their images reveal a diverse range of styles that reflect the influence not only of tradition and politics but also foreign media channels and the development of a home grown pop culture combining music, TV, advertising and fashion. In most caases it is the changing condition of urban life that provides the inspiration - whether it is Guangzhou in the south, Shanghai in the east or Beijing in the north. Each city possesses a unique character and it is often these differences that give new photography in China its freshness and strength. Together these works can be seen as an attempt to highlight the possibilites and anxieties of life in modern China, as well as a powerful new sense of creative identity. Images of works in the book are accompanied by artist biographies.
Artists: BIRDHEAD | LIANG Yue | HUANG Kui | CHEN Wei |
Exhibitions: 1567.New Photography in China |