It's Me!

Type: Books It's Me!
Author: LENG Lin
Languages: Chinese
Number Of Copies: 1
ISBN: 7-5059-3542-9
Publisher: The Publishing House of the China Literary Federation
Publish Date: 2000
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 315
This is a collection of articles written by the noted art critic, Leng Lin, on the development of contemporary art in China in the 1990s. His writings offer a comprehensive study of various art forms including oil painting, sculpture, photography, performance art, multi-media art and installation art. Also featured here are the author's interviews with a number of contemporary Chinese artists such as Wang Pu, Zhang Dali, Zhu Fadong and Liu Ye. Prefaces to exhibitions are also included.
Artists: DING Yi | XUE Song | YU Youhan | WANG Guangyi | ZHENG Guogu | ZHOU Tiehai | ZENG Fanzhi | ZHAO Bandi | LI Shan | WANG XINGWEI |