Date: 06.09, 2019-07.09, 2019
Büro, Basel, Switzerland
Artists: CHEN Wei
Galleries ShanghART and Waldburger Wouters are pleased to announce “Drifting Along”, a solo exhibition by Chinese artist Chen Wei at their joint project space Buero Basel. An intimate exhibition will display th...

Date: 05.18, 2019-07.21, 2019
Artists: LI Shan
ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present Li Shan’s solo exhibition “Decoding” on 18 May, 2019, exhibiting the avant-garde pioneer’s continued explorations into BioArt. This is Li Shan’s first solo exhibition aft...

Date: 05.18, 2019-07.06, 2019
Artists: JIANG Pengyi
ShanghART Beijing is delighted to present “Foresight”, a solo exhibition by Jiang Pengyi, marking the artist's inaugural show at the Beijing space and his fourth presentation with the gallery. It will also be t...

Date: 05.03, 2019-07.14, 2019
Artists: TANG Maohong
ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present a solo exhibition by our artist-in-residence, Tang Maohong, from 4 May to 14 July 2019. Taking inspiration from Paul Gauguin’s famed but controversial residency in the ...

Date: 02.14, 2019-09.30, 2019