Cup Play - "A Yi Cup" press release
2013-07-02 14:10

Organizer: SHAO Yi, TANG Maohong
Address: 50B Fengxian Road,Close Shimen Er Road
Time: June 8, Sat., 6PM to 8PM

One of the "Cup Play", "A Yi Cup" Theater Series‘ opening will hold on this Saturday, June 8, from 6PM to 8PM. Actually, the event be start from May 21. Things from SHAO Yi's studio and TANG Maohong's studio be moved to am art space. It is including art works, material and others. From the begining of event, Show room be divided in half. All of stuff was stacked at the right side temporarily. After artists tidy up,stuff will be put to left side. Finally, they be moved back to right side and be disrupted. Two artists tidy up total of eight rounds. They will show what happen in am art space there days after opening.When event be completed, June 23, everything from them studio will be moved back. 

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