Boedi Widjaja: Rivers and lakes tanah dan air
Rivers and lakes tanah dan air
2018 ~ 2019
300*900cm | Each graphite sheet 30*366cm 8 pieces  | Each archival print of writing on wall 30*366cm 8 pieces  | Hand written book and stylus 10.5*15*1cm | Sound recordings  | Archival print of live art documentation 33.9*50.8cm 5 pieces
Living arts | Performance | Installation
Book, stylus, sound recordings, 24 clips, 8 graphite transfer sheets
code: OT_9639

The work will progressively materialise in the gallery. The artist’s bilingual poem of four lines, “Rivers and lakes / Tanah dan air / Land and water / Sungai sejarah” were re-ordered in 24 permutations, creating 24 poems. Each line, consisting of geographical features and elements, contains multiple cultural associations. Across eight days during the exhibition, the artist will shuffle a playlist of the 24 voice recordings and broadcast his father’s readings. Widjaja will listen and trace his father’s writing using a transfer sheet, eventually covering the wall with this repeated text-as-image.

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Boedi Widjaja: Rivers and lakes Tanah dan air 12.07, 2018 -02.10, 2019