Shooting an Elephant and The Leader
| A panel 5 minutes | B panel 5 minutes 37 seconds | C panel 5 minutes 33 seconds | D panel 5 minutes | E panel 7 minutes 20 seconds | F panel 20 minutes 58 seconds | G panel  9 minutes 28 seconds | H panel 9 minutes 28 seconds | I panel 9 minutes 28 seconds | J panel 9 minutes 28 seconds
Video | Multi-channel video | Installation
10-channel video
Edition of 3
code: AR_0927

The work traces back both personal narrative and social history crossing different time periods, cultures, and languages. The artist sheds light on the memories of two people who lived in Myanmar at distinct times, taking references from George Orwell’s famous essay “Shooting an Elephant”, as well as the accounts of Watuze Ali, a man of Bengali descent born in Myanmar. Combining the singing of Islamic prayer surah Yā Sīn and the transcription of a monologue, the work unveils layers of hidden realities from personal memories.

Detail pictures:

Installation View