TANG Maohong
A Part of Classics - 3
| With white edge 13*7.2cm | Framed 46*43*3.5cm
Photograph | B&W inkjet print
Edition of 10
code: TMH_1149

Unlike what the title seems to suggest, A Part of Classics is a series of black and white photographs presenting six portraits in an unconventional way. Three men and three women of various ages perch on a wood pedestal, wearing normal clothes which border on social stereotypes. Captured in almost the same pose against the same background, all the characters show the back of their torsos to the viewers, with one hand pulling at the clothes so that the waists and upper part of hips become exposed to the audience’s gaze, as if waiting uneasily for a medical injection. The uncovered skin is carefully centralised in the frame to be the focus of a network of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, giving stability and geometry to the composition. Viewed from a distance, the pose they hold confers a sculptural and solitary appearance. Up close, the bare flesh delivers a sense of defencelessness and vulnerability. Bathed in an elegant shade of grayness, the images are inherently tinged with classic qualities whose underlying fragility is further emphasised by the small and intimate size of the photographs.

Sachiel Yuu in August 2013

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