LU Lei
Humane Prescription
Iron pipe, copper pipe, compressor
Edition of 1
code: LL_6525

“C10H15N”, “C21H23NO5”, “C17H21NO4”, “C15H21NO2”, “C21H30O2”, “C13H16CI”, “C17H19NO3” are Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, Dolantin, Marijuana, K powder, and Morphine, respectively. The formulas made of copper pipes are installed on a iron tube in golden spiral, which will be in frosting condition by refrigeration compressor. Golden spiral, chemical formulas, and refrigeration equipment, these three unrelated elements create calm, equanimity and aesthetic conflict but also complementary matching and balance.  

NOTE: A golden spiral is progressively and infinitely dividing the rectangle based on the golden ratio, and the tangent points of the arc form a golden spiral. This extreme line is widely used in design, classical paintings and classical architecture.

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