HU Jieming
3 minutes
B&W, silent
Edition of 3
code: HJM_4503

The video involves group shots presenting a gathering of people that appears to spread across the realms of space and time. The identities of these people are hybridized, creating a unique space-time relation and a narrative that switches back and forth between settings. The images of the video are originally damaged old photos, which have lost the original resolution and no longer stay complete. Some of them are from the artist's family. Normally, these photos are regarded as valueless. However, for the artist, they are more like those fragmented memory and convey a sense of time space. The artist employs digital technology to assemble people from different areas, eras and social hierarchy, and uses image synthesis technology to activate their facial expressions and movements. Hence, the fragments of people in the image can narrate and deliver information from afar.

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