Chaos Theory
8 minutes
Video | Single-channel animation | Installation
Edition of 6
code: LY2_5471

This idea came from one of my dreams. I dreamt of a world which nobody can live in. I don’t make up my stories. They came to me orderly ,  but the information that came along was in chaos. It took me a really long time to collect them up.  We know that nature is not chaos but a well-ordered system. My fantasy world was very much like nature but with another kind of rules. It had rules and was full of reincarnation. The rules were not easy to see or to understand. Chaos is either a simple disorder or a common -sensed order. The chaotic motion is another type of order. They were more like orders in chaos and chaos with orders. In this world,  chaos and order both existed. They interfered with each other and also fused into one.

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