Fortune - Statuette of the Overseer of Priests Ameny
Painting | Oil on canvas
code: MI_2568

The statue that appears in Fortune - Statuette of the Overseer of Priests Ameny belongs to the collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and is presumed to be produced at around 1982-1802 B.C. The statue depicts the figure of the Priest Ameny, and the inscription mentions the the crocodile god Sobek of Shedet, suggesting that the statuette is from the Fayuum area in Egypt where this crocodile god was worshiped. There, people tamed and worshiped crocodiles in the pond. A jade bracelet  covers the eyes of the priest in this picture. This eastern stoneware is transformed by the artist into a kind of seeing glass. The priest’s eyes are still visible under the smooth transparency of the jade.

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