Robert ZHAO Renhui
Trying to Remember A Tree (iii)-The World will Surely Collapse
180*2747cm | Lightbox 180*120*20kg 15.0 kg 14 pieces
14 Lightboxes
Edition of 3
code: ZRH_9900

This series of photographs feature a very old and large tree that collapsed near the artist's home in Singapore. The tree has collapsed after a storm. In a forest, the tree would begin a cycle of succession where insects and other plant life can feed on the fallen and rotting trunk, giving the ecosystem a boost in biodiversity. A fallen tree can also be said to be a natural way in which nature regenerates. In the city, the tree is immediately removed, never allowing any ecological process to take place. The trees are cut in sections to make their removal easier. The physical cut by which the tree is sectioned echo but not exactly correspond to how the artist has edited and sequenced the images, suggesting that there might be different ways to "managing" nature, whether via park authorities or art.

Detail pictures:

Installation View, Jakarta Biennale

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