Alien 2 - Sleeping Hermaphroditos, Western Han dynasty Female Musician Playing a Zither
2017 ~ 2018
130*200*165cm | Hermaphroditos 47*170*86cm | Female musician play 85*120*80cm | Ed.1 plinth 30*250*200cm | Ed.2 plinth 10*200*165cm
Mineral-based composite, stainless steel, acrylic paint
Edition of 3
code: MI_1053

Alien 2, in the same vein of Eternity-(Buddha in Nirvana), juxtaposes two sculptures: an “hermaphrodite” from Greek mythology and a female figure from the Western Han Dynasty. The Chinese figurine and the Western sculpture are combined in a certain attitude to create an intimate and caring atmosphere, reflecting the attraction of Eastern and Western civilizations for one another, as well as their reciprocal intricacies, curiosity and desire.

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