HU Jieming
Altitude Zero No.2
Installation | Video | Multi-channel video
Computers, LCD, infrared sensors, small speakers, converted ship cabins
code: HJMU035

Altitude Zero No.2 is an interactive installation composed of seven pieces severed from a ship cabin with 15 potholes altogether. Behind every single pothole, there is a computer monitor corresponding to a infrared sensor on one-to-one basis. Halved by the seawater which functions as datum level approximately 140 cm above the ground, all the screen images constitute coherently visual effects of a ship seemingly floating in the water, keeping viewers' eyes on the same height with sea level or "altitude zero". As the sensor reacts to approach of people, the corresponding monitor shifts from "peaceful seascape" to the image of water showing mixture of daily necessities, consumables, stationeries, electronic products, toys and printed matters, all slapping against the windows and aimlessly drifting. When viewers leave, the image turns back to where it was, with urbanscape in distance changing constantly and accordingly.

Detail pictures:

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