TANG Maohong
On the Way
8 minutes 28 seconds | Crate 1 98*61*61cm | Crate 2 39*162*60cm
Installation | Video | Multi-channel animation
Edition of 8
code: TMHU019

TANG Maohong has been a very active artist in the Chinese contemporary art world in the recent years. Revolving around the concept of a "Big World", the pictorial content of his artwork On the Way unfolds imagination and constructs its own organization. A special appellation by foreigners of Shanghai as a metropolis, "Big World" includes all the imaginations and expectations concerning urbanization, whereas its understanding by people living in the city refers only to the land under their feet here and now. The most important part of the “Big World” concept is its inclusive character, which counts as well as one of the big city’s real inherent qualities: only if there are inclusiveness and tolerance, can communication and creativity be accessed via the flow of Trans Local Motion. With animated images of red, yellow and green lights, the artist expresses the themes traversed by past, present and future which serve as three temporal epochs corresponding respectively to the narration of the city’s historical memory, its present progressive tense as well as the future’s indefinite possibilities.

Detail pictures:

Film Still

Video Clips:

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